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Our Oral Appliance Options


Man and woman sleeping soundlyEvery single patient is different, and if they need oral appliance therapy to treat their sleep apnea, then their device should reflect that. At Sleep Better Appliances, we offer a number of appliances that help us provide the personalized care our patients deserve. With the right oral appliance, Dr. James Striebel can help a patient with OSA sleep completely through the night the very first time they use the appliance. The fit will be comfortable, and it will be made of high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Below, you can explore some of the different oral appliances we can offer to our patients.

SomnoDent® Sleep Appliances

Hand holidng oral appliance

The oral appliances are the most widely used across the country, and that’s because they improve the sleep quality for 90% of the patients who use them regularly. They work by slightly shifting the jaw forward to prevent a patient’s airway from becoming obstructed, and they are made of sturdy but flexible materials. Each one is entirely custom-made so it fits comfortably over a patient’s teeth, and while wearing one, a patient will even be able to speak and drink without having to remove it.


Clear DreamTAP appliance

dreamTAP appliances can be used to treat the whole range of sleep disordered breathing, from chronic snoring all the way to severe sleep apnea. Each one is made using a mold of your teeth to provide a precision fit, and they can be easily adapted to be utilized to work with a CPAP machine for combined therapy. With these appliances, now even more people can benefit from the advantages of oral appliance therapy.

The Narval Appliance

White Narval Appliance

The Narval Appliance works using the same principles as those made by SomnoDent®, the key difference being that it is made of much lighter and flexible materials. This makes it ideal for patients who may have a sensitive gag reflex or aren’t comfortable wearing an appliance made from a harder material. While it is lightweight and malleable, it is still extremely durable, providing a patient the most comfortable fit while relieving sleep apnea symptoms. 

Want to know which appliance would work best for you? To find out, simply contact us today for an appointment.

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