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Does Exercise Help with Sleep Apnea?

March 3, 2018

Smiling woman using hand weightsThe answer is – it might. While further research is still needed, current studies indicate that exercise will help to improve the quantity and quality of sleep for sleep apnea sufferers. Most interestingly, this improved sleep did not seem to have anything to do with weight loss. If you or a loved one suffers from sleep apnea, keep reading to learn more about how exercise can improve the efficacy of your results and give you the full, restful night’s sleep you need to wake feeling refreshed in the morning.

Exercise & Sleep Apnea

There are currently a number of research studies being conducted surrounding exercise, weight, and weight loss and their effects of sleep apnea treatment. Specifically, the studies are examining what impact increased exercise has for sleep apnea sufferers who are already receiving treatment using oral appliances and/or CPAP systems. The study showed that patients who engaged in an exercise routine combining brisk walks and weight training improved the results of their sleep apnea treatment significantly. With just a simple daily exercise routine, patients saw 25% improvement in the results of their sleep apnea treatment. Most interestingly, these results did not seem to be related in any way to weight loss.

Weight & Sleep Apnea

While obesity, large neck circumference, and other high body mass related factors are often associated with obstructive sleep apnea, the current research indicates that the improved treatment results patients experienced were not actually related to weight loss. To see the same 25% improvement in sleep apnea therapy as those results achieved through improved exercise routines, patients would need to lose at least 10% of their body weight. Still, weight loss can help improve quantity and quality of sleep for some patients suffering from sleep apnea. Additionally, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is important to your whole body health.

Getting the Quantity & Quality of Sleep You Need

If you’re suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, you may not have thought of visiting the dentist, but a skilled sleep dentist can create custom oral appliances to allow patients to breathe deeply through the night. These appliances shift the jaw forward, keeping the airway clear through the night.

Meet Dr. Striebel

Your trusted Huber Heights sleep dentist, James Striebel, DDS, DABDSM, is here to help you achieve and maintain healthy, restful sleep. With custom crafted oral appliances or combined oral appliance and CPAP therapy, Dr. Striebel and the Sleep Better Appliances team can help you improve the quantity and quality of sleep every night. We will also be happy to discuss the potential benefit of adjusting your exercise routine to improve sleep apnea therapy results. Call the Sleep Better Appliances team to schedule a treatment consultation or get answers to any questions you have about sleep apnea treatment in our Huber Heights sleep dentistry practice.

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